Looking for a new booking system?

RSRVD is on a mission to modernize old-fashioned booking systems.

The times they are a-changin'

Angry customers claiming they reserved seats that turned out to be booked already? A lacking sense of urgency with customers refusing to hit Refresh over and over again? Sounds familiar?

Introducing RSRVD. The real-time booking system. Help your customers regain control.



The instant someone reserves a spot, it will be updated across all customer browsers in real-time, without the need to refresh the page.


Setting a time limit for customers' unconfirmed bookings will give them a sence of urgency and will prevent your customers from going insane over ambiguous reservation status.

Lock your seat

Seats are automatically saved, so when the user comes back within the time limit, their seats will still be reserved.

Great User Experience

No more need to refresh the page. And as few buttons as possible. All combined in a beautiful user interface.


Our system works great on desktops, but it also works on tablets and smartphones, allowing customers to book on-the-go.

Comprehensive Management

Our management system makes it easy to create new events, block or reserve seats on beforehand and interact with customers. All straight from our web app.

Help us build the next generation of online booking systems.

We are currently developing the Software-As-A-Service (SAAS) version of our booking system and we are on the lookout for beta testers. Help us test our system and we will give you six months of free bookings by your customers!

Become a beta tester


RSRVD has been integrated into several customer projects already. We are currently in the process of turning it into a Software-As-A-Service (SAAS) platform, in order to provide central fixes, features and support to our customers. Here is our roadmap.

November, 2015

Public Beta. With the help of our beta testers, we are taking two full months to clean up our code removing any bugs and adding features where necessary.


January, 2016

Starting 2016 with a bang, we are planning on releasing the SAAS version of RSRVD. From that moment on, booking your seats for a venue will never be the same again.


March, 2016

Every venue is unique. So are locations. As such, we are looking into building a venue configurator to help you build your own floor plan!


Well, we are not, yet...

However, we would like to keep you posted so we can tell you when we are. If you would like to receive updates or become a RSRVD beta tester, enter your details on the right and we will be keep you apprised!